"The God Account"
Family Assistance For Families.

"Welcome to the "God Account Ministry Website"

The God Account is a "Family Financial Account" that was set up in 2006 for the objective and purpose of assisting those who are struggling financially with outstanding bills, car repossession, evictions and other outstanding situations. This account is solely funded by Churches, businesses and anyone who have a heart to help those who are in need of financial help. Your financial help and support is very appreciated. Every donation goes into this account and is used only for the purpose for which it is given. A receipt and confirmation is given to the donor and also a call from the family in which they have supported.

We are now preparing to update our account for the 2017 year. Again on behalf of us and families we appreciate your gift of love...


Are you in need of finances to pay for medical bills that you can no longer pay? Dealing with medical and hospital bills, and prescription. drugs cost can be a financial burden on you and your family. There are a couple of different paths that you can take to get help and assistance for these outstanding responsibilities. First of all, you need to know that you qualify for funding from us to get these medical bills under control. We will provide a substantial amount to help you. There is financial assistance with us to help you get your medical bills paid on time.


Thank you for your love and support..

We appreciate the help and support from the God Account